From a very young age you were taught that 2+2=4. Of course, it makes sense.

But what if someone tells you this is wrong?

What happens in your mind if something you believed for your whole life was true and someone else comes along and tells you the opposite. That which you believed with your whole heart was not really the truth! Like what you believe about God.

Would it not be the best to go and find out for yourself? To investigate this thing you believed as truth? Why not go and find the truth yourself?

If it comes to your belief in God, why not talk to God and ask Him to show you the Truth. I would like to challenge you. Ask the God who created you to show you His truth. If you are sincere in your seeking of the truth, the God of Truth will show you.

What do you understand by Truth? Do you think that people lied to you about what truth is?


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