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Some of my friends call me Nesrien. I’m a wife, a mom, a granny, and a consultant. I met my husband on my way home walking from university where I studied nursery school education. That was the second most important meeting in my life. I started off with nursery school education and later on did my BA majoring in Social and Biblical studies and Communications. My husband is a civil engineer. But changed his career in 1980. We worked together since then in Consultation and Christian work. He is my best friend and soul mate.

Our work took us all over the world, as we visited and worked in about 70 countries. The most important meeting I had was when I was only seven years old. My dad introduced me to Jesus.  Jesus made all the difference in my life. He helped me through many difficulties. We lost three children and can identify with those who are suffering. We helped hundreds of people in dealing with their trauma after major disasters in many countries.

When life hits you hard, it changes you either for better or for worse.

This is a choice one makes.

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