Like many refugees, Moses lived in a dangerous place at a dangerous time. His people was oppressed by the Pharaoh, although Moses lived in the palace as a prince. In his anger Moses killed an Egyptian and had to flee. He then became a refugee for many years. He started rebuilding his life. Married and named his firstborn son “I have become a foreigner in a foreign land.”

Maybe he dreamed of going back to his own people and family, but he was scared.

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The Syrian man was sad, “I’m a teacher, but I cannot work. My 14 year old son now support us. My wife is a diabetic, my child needs an operation…” My friend here was a lecturer at a university…” We are in prison here in the camp, we have nowhere to go!” His voice became louder, I had a house, a car, a future, but everything was bombed! We are lost!”

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